ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification

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Quarks Safety has obtained ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognized standard specifying the requirements for the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of an information security management system (ISMS). This certification demonstrates our commitment to best practice in data security and information protection.

Commitment to information security

We understand the crucial importance of protecting the data we handle. ISO 27001 certification is proof of our commitment to ensuring that our information security management systems are first-rate and comply with the most stringent standards. This standard helps us not only to protect information from unauthorized access, but also to minimize the risk of data leakage, loss or compromise.

Rigorous certification process

ISO 27001 certification requires a rigorous review of all aspects of our ISMS, including risk assessment, control design, implementation of appropriate security measures and ongoing staff training. An independent certification body carried out a full audit of our processes and compliance with the requirements of the standard, confirming the effectiveness of our information security management.

Customer benefits

For our customers, this certification is a guarantee that Quarks Safety manages information securely and responsibly.
It ensures that :

Confidentiality: Your information is protected against unauthorized access.
Integrity: Your data is accurate, complete and protected against unauthorized modification.
Availability: You can access your information whenever you need it, in accordance with our service policies.

Ongoing commitment

Achieving ISO 27001 certification is just the beginning of our ongoing commitment to information security. We are committed to maintaining and constantly improving our systems, not only to meet regulatory requirements, but also to exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.