Simplify chemical inventory management in the laboratory.

A tool to help you

More specifically, in laboratories, it is first necessary to manage reagent stocks.

Thechemical inventory management system integrated into the solution, based on the labeling of the bottles by means of a QR code, makes it possible to have an up-to-date inventory at all times.

The automatic SDS download function and the ability to perform a quick and accurate risk assessment for thousands of products are also key factors in choosing to use Quarks Safety in a laboratory.

Everyday benefits

Products, substances & bottles

Easily take inventory of your chemical substances and track the life of each bottle thanks to its QR Code

Sharing & optimization

You can share inventory status between departments to optimize use, reduce replenishment requirements and cut waste

Regulatory compliance

Quickly obtain all your SDSs, carry out your chemical risk assessment collaboratively and meet regulatory requirements.

Efficient bottle inventory and tracking

  • QR Code labelling
  • Stock alerts, reverse inventory
  • Expiration dates, batch numbers, certificates of analysis
  • Managing the confidentiality of sensitive substances

Manage all chemicals and consumables

  • Components identification
  • Automatic download of SDS
  • Labeling formulations and dilutions
  • Determining the hazardous nature of a mixture

Easy control of chemical risk

  • Laboratory-specific risk assessment
  • Monitoring individual exposure
  • Integrated international regulatory watch
  • Environmental risk management
  • Centralization of indicators and procedures

Promoting collaboration between teams

  • Multi-site, multi-department platform
  • Interface available in 9 languages
  • New product entry validation workflow
  • Centralized replenishment requirements
  • Real-time information sharing

And enjoy all the benefits of an innovative technical solution !

SaaS solution with over 450 options – Highly secure data – Ability to import existing inventories
Connector integration (SSO, SAP, etc.)

LabInventory, your all-in-one solution

LabInventory by QuarksSafety is an Internet platform dedicated to laboratories which assist you in managing your stock of chemicals.

With LabInventory, you can effectively track your flasks. Through a system of QR code identification, managing your inventory becomes a breeze.

In one click, stay informed of a product remaining quantity, the location of a flask or products soon expired. This labeling simplifies your daily actions such as moving or dispose a bottle.

An intelligent inventory system lets you check stock once a year by scanning your cabinets and the products they contain.

This platform is available in SaaS mode from a PC, and has a mobile application to make managing your inventory even easier!

Mobile stock management

Carry out your daily actions such as moving or disposing a flask with ease through the LabInventory application running on Android OS and compatible with all QR code drives.

Printing labels

Simplify your inventories with a unique QR code identification system for all your flasks. With these labels, cupboard inventory will take no more than a few minutes.

SDS Binder on tablet

Access your SDS via this electronic binder on tablet equipped with its protective shell and its holder with integrated charger. This binder connected to your LabInventory platform works even in offline mode!

Customer testimonial:
How to manage chemical risks in the laboratory?

Heidi Mathevon – Alternate QHSE

At the Owens Corning research center in Chambéry, the number of new chemical products is very high, making it difficult to control employee exposure.

A project mode vision to improve this management was required in 2018. The digitization of approval workflows, the automatic detection of whether a substance belongs to the group’s blacklist, and the management of stocks by QR Code labeling have been deployed.

The project resulted in the implementation of monitoring and performance indicators that showed a significant improvement in the site’s chemical management.

Simplicity starts here: