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Occupational health and safety services (OHS) seek to ensure that their members’ employees are not at risk of occupational disease.

To do so, they need efficient tools to process the SDSs of their numerous members and generate reports that are understandable for company managers.

Access to a complete regulatory repository integrating toxicological reference values (VLEP and IBE), tables of occupational diseases, the various CMR classifications (Europe, Proposition 65, IARC, …) and even links to the classifications of the C&L inventory is essential.

In addition, automatic extraction of SDS data and verification of labeling compliance based on composition saves them time. Thanks to Quarks Safety, these services are more efficient for their members.

Monitoring chemical risk has never been easier

Occupational health

Quarks Safety helps prevent chemical hazards, access
toxicological data and anticipate regulatory changes.

Easy monitoring

Automatic SDS analysis, data sharing and cross-referencing data… Tools that speed up advice and follow-up of exposures.

Collaborative environment

  • Shared SDS database (inter-SPST cooperation, data capitalization: alert, substitution, etc.)
  • Automatic extraction of SDS content
  • Member portal, data transmission and validation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data import/export (medical surveillance, EvRC / Seirich external modules, etc.)

Regulatory repository

  • Regulatory watch (over 321,000 substances monitored)
  • International data (+ 40 regulations: EU, USA, China, Biocides, Cosmetics, …)
  • Modular focus (CMR, endocrine disruptors, sensitizers, target organs, …)

Regulatory compliance

Quarks Safety enables you to consult your members’ SDSs and chemical risk assessments in line with current regulations

Scalable Platform

  • Customizable features
  • Product authorization process
  • EvRC modules (multioption, multiexposure)
  • Exposure traceability

And enjoy all the benefits of an innovative technical solution !

SaaS solution with over 450 options – Highly secure data – Ability to import existing inventories
Connector integration (SSO, SAP, etc.)

Customer testimonial:
Chemical risk management through inter-Sist sharing of SDS

Julien Cochard – Risk assessment engineer

Occupational physicians are legally entitled to receive safety data sheets (SDS).

The data must allow the inter-company occupational health services (OHS) to ensure the traceability of exposures and to advise on chemical risk prevention.

Observation: Nearly 90% of the SDS are not transmitted by the companies and the advice is not ensured by lack of information.

Objective: In order to improve the access and the collection of SDS, the reliability of the contents, 3 SISTs agreed to share a tool allowing the access to the information in a mutualized base.

Discover in this conference the method put in place to reach this objective as well as the results obtained.

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