Cookie Management Policy

Quarks pays particular attention to respecting the principles, rights and freedoms regarding the protection of personal data.

It is for this reason that Quarks wishes, in a spirit of transparency, to provide users and visitors to its website with clear and complete information on how cookies are set, used and stored on your terminal when you consult our site.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small computer file (text, image or software) that can be deposited and read on your terminal when you visit a website or a mobile application.

There are two types of cookies:

  • Session cookies: They are deleted from the terminal once the session on the site is closed
  • Permanent or persistent cookies: Cookies that remain on the terminal even after the session is closed, until the end of their lifetime or manual deletion through the browser features.

Cookies allow their issuer to identify the terminal in which they are deposited, during their period of validity or during the time they are recorded.
Some cookies are essential for the functioning of a site or a mobile application.
Others are there to allow the optimization and personalization of content and features available on websites and mobile applications.

Types of information that may be stored in a cookie

The information that is stored in the cookies deposited on a terminal can be the following:

  • IP address
  • Type of browser used
  • Web pages visited using the terminal
  • Ads you clicked on
  • Any information you have provided on the website or mobile application visited.

Cookies used by Quarks

The cookies to which you consent as well as the necessary cookies are deposited directly by us or by one of our partners.
Different categories of cookies are used on our site for different purposes:

  • Strictly necessary cookies (mandatory)

These cookies are necessary for the site to function properly. They may include, for example, cookies that collect session identifiers and identification data, cookies that allow a site’s interface to be customized (for example, for language selection or service presentation), or certain audience measurement cookies.

  • Audience measurement cookies (subject to consent, except under certain conditions)

These cookies allow us and our partners to understand how users arrive at our site, and to measure the number of visitors.
They allow us to analyze how visitors navigate the site to improve its operation, for example, to ensure that users can easily find what they are looking for.
These cookies can be exempted from consent when they are strictly necessary for the operation of the site.

  • Social networks (subject to your consent)

These cookies allow us to share information with the social networks used on our site. Posting this type of content on our site shares information about your browsing experience with the social networks used.

    • Youtube

The purpose of cookies deposited via video sharing services is to allow the user to view multimedia content directly on the site.
Through these cookies, this third party will also collect and use your browsing data on its own behalf to target advertising and content based on your browsing history.

Cookie management

To consult the different categories of cookies we use on the site and to configure your choices, you can consult the cookie management module accessible at the bottom of the page. You can change your preferences at any time (withdraw or give your consent again).

Please note that the use of cookies strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the site does not require your consent. This is why the “strictly necessary cookies” option is pre-ticked in our cookie management tool and is not optional.

By default, we store your choice of cookies on a given device for a maximum of 6 months. Si vous changez d’avis sur les préférences que vous avez exprimées concernant les cookies, vous pouvez mettre à jour vos choix à tout moment, en cliquant sur l’icone en bas à gauche de votre écran. Nous vous demanderons à nouveau de faire un choix tous les 6 mois.