Linked to your Quarks Safety platform, this SDS binder available on a tablet grants you access to all of your SDS wherever you are. Practical, easy to use and space-saving, you have all your SDS at your fingertips, even being off-line.

Thus, as part of an emergency evacuation of your building, just tear the device from its magnetic base and take it to the assembly point to hand it to the emergency services. You can also add the chemical inventories, building plans and contact information of the security PC.


SDS storage and retrieval application
Offline operation
Offline operation
SDS accessible offline
Data synchronization
Data synchronization
Supervised synchronization from Quarks Safety
Android tablet
Android tablet
Rugged shockproof tablet
IP68 certified waterproofing
Reinforced shell
Protects the tablet in the event of a fall
Charging base
Charging base
Magnetic system for quick removal


Find the answers to the most asked questions

What can I do with this application?

As the name suggests, this application only allows you to consult the SDS of the products in your inventory.
You can either search for an SDS by product or manufacturer name, or scan the QR code directly on the container

Who is the application for?

Any company using chemicals is obliged to provide employees with the SDS of the products they handle in order to know the risks to which they are exposed (legal obligation).
Whether for R&D laboratories or for industrial sites, the SDS tablet binder is a security tool that you can transmit to your safety authorities in case of an incident.

Can I update SDS from the tablet?

No, it is not possible to acquire a new SDS revision from the tablet, you have to do it via the Quarks Safety platform.
However, the two tools are synchronized in real time. No further action is required from your part.

Is it possible to use the application without subscription to Quarks Safety?

To use the SDS binder on a tablet, you must first build up your chemical inventory and associate an SDS to each of your products.
This action is carried out from the Quarks Safety platform, with sometimes automatic SDS download possibilities depending on the suppliers. A subscription to the platform is therefore necessary to take advantage of these features.

How much does a Quarks Safety subscription cost?

Subscription prices depend on several criteria including the number of users, the number of sites and the options you need.

How to get a demo or purchase a Quarks Safety subscription?

You can write us by e-mail at: info@quarks-safety.com