Electronic SDS binder on tablet

No more printing hundreds of pages!

Linked to your Quarks Safety platform, this tablet-based MSDS binder lets you consult all your SDSs wherever you are. Practical, easy-to-use and space-saving, you’ll have all your SDSs at your fingertips, even offline.

So, in the event of an emergency evacuation of your building, simply remove the device from its magnetic base and take it to the assembly point, where it can be handed over to the emergency services. You’ll also be able to add chemical inventories, building plans and contact details for the security control room.

Technical specifications

Integrated software

SDSs storage
and retrieval application

Offline operation

Off-line access
to SDSs

Synchronized data

Supervised synchronization
from Quarks Safety

Android tablet

Rugged shock-resistant tablet
IP68-certified waterproofing

Reinforced shell

Protects tablet
in the event of a fall

Charging base

Magnetic system
for quick release

Frequently Asked Questions

As the name suggests, this application only allows you to consult the SDS of the products in your inventory.
You can either search for an SDS by product or manufacturer name, or scan the QR code directly on the container.

All companies that use chemicals are required to provide employees with SDSs for the products they handle, so that they are aware of the risks to which they are exposed. Whether for research and development laboratories or industrial sites, the tablet MSDS binder is a safety tool that you can pass on to your safety authorities in the event of an incident.

No, it is not possible to acquire a new SDS revision from the tablet, you have to do it via the Quarks Safety platform.
However, the two tools are synchronized in real time. No further action is required from your part. No further action is required on your part.

To use the tablet-based SDS binder, you first need to build up your chemical inventory and associate an SDS with each of your products. This action is carried out from the Quarks Safety platform, sometimes with automatic download options depending on the supplier. A subscription to the platform is therefore required to take advantage of these features.

Subscription prices depend on several criteria including the number of users, the number of sites and the options you need.

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