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Constitute your chemicals inventory and attach the corresponding SDS files

Establishing the exhaustive inventory of chemicals used by any site of the company is the first step in chemical risk management approach.

Quarks Safety is a collaborative platform designed for multi-site management and available today in 8 languages. Furthermore, a systemfor the automatic SDS content extraction will allow you to instantly retrieve from the SDS the hazard and precautionary statements of section 2, the chemical composition indicated in section 3, the transport codes of section 14, the EU waste codes of section 13, and the physicochemical properties of the section 9.

The collected information is used by the platform to calculate instantly the SEVESO/ICPE Heading(s) for each product as well as a health hazard score. The many research opportunities, sorting possibilities and export files to Excel, you can already at this stage begin your analysis and hierarchy of your products based on assessment priority.

Quarks Safety will also make available the SDS to your employees and their representative bodies in accordance with the R4412-38 article of the French Labor Code, but also to generate simplified safety data sheets and reconditioning labels.

Approval of new chemicals uses

Once you have completed your inventory, you may wish to put in place a mechanism to control a new chemical insertion or new uses of chemicals.

Quarks Safety provides a customisable workflow management based on multi-level approvals. The management rules dispatching the user request to the right persons take into account the product’s intrinsic characteristics as well as its intended use(s).

Thus you can choose to automatically validate not hazardous chemicals under CLP, and define a very advanced validation circuit for CMRs, nanoparticles, or very toxic products by seeking the advice of the occupational physician within a workflow step.

Simplicity starts here:

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