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Request approval for use

From the Product List:
Click on the Name of the product for which a use is to be approved to open its card in the panel.

In the Uses section, the Status column offers different statuses:

The status of the request is monitored throughout the request and the history can be viewed by clicking on the symbol, which can take several forms:

  • Status Not sent
    Creating a product or use does not automatically trigger the approval request. To do this, click on the envelope in the Use section of the product card.
    The red envelope indicates a use that is insufficiently filled out and therefore cannot be sent. Click on the magnifying glass to open the card and complete it.
    The green envelope indicates a complete request that can be sent.
    Click on the envelope to submit the use to the approval circuit. The first window allows you to specify the reason for the request and/or comment on the request. A summary window opens and allows you to Send the request.
  • Status Waiting for validation since:
    Click on > to know the details of the next step.
  • Status Accepted :
    Clicking on the validation symbol allows you to view the approval history and the final acceptance date.
  • Status Refused :
    Click on the symbol to know the reason for the refusal.


To know the product uses to submit to the approval circuit:
Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Products

Select the status “Not sent

Start the Search

The list of products for which an approval request exists for your group is displayed on the dashboard.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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