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How to generate individual exposure sheets by activity?

It is possible, through activities, to generate individual exposure sheets.
Only uses or activities that are recorded can be associated with individual exposures.

Associated options: (see Activate an option)

  • Frequency with duration
  • Exposure potential entered by EPCs
  • Exposure potential entered by PPEs
  • Potential individual exposures
  • Multiple potential exposures per product
  • Usage frequency on potential individual exposures
  • Entry of exposure levels by activity
  • Individual exposure declarations

Order of operations:

1. By activity, select the concerned employees and assign them exposure frequencies/durations.

2. Employee by employee, search and possibly export all individual exposures.

Create individual exposures by activity

Menu Applications > Chemical Products > Risk Analysis > Activities

In the Activity List:

1. Click on the name of the activity to which exposures are to be associated.

2. Open the Exposed People tab.

3. Click on to assign exposures to the concerned employees.
The list of employees attached to the group appears.

Exposure Section:

Specify the collective exposure history.

Employee Section:

Check the concerned employees.
Adjust individual specifics if they differ from the collective information.

Note: if the risk assessment has been recorded, the data will be included in the exposure sheets.

After saving, the number of exposures linked to the activity that will have been associated with it will appear, per concerned employee.

Open the exposure sheets by employee

Menu Applications > Chemical Products > Risk Analysis > Individual Exposures

In the List of Individual Exposures:

1. Select the desired individual exposures using the filters.

2. The list of exposures appears below the search, with the risk assessment data.

3. Click on a product to see its individual exposure sheet.

The employee (or their manager, depending on the roles) can modify certain frequency or duration of exposure parameters, add comments, and indicate their forecast to use the product the following year.

If desired, an Excel export of the List of Individual Exposures is possible via List at the bottom of the results table.

It includes exposures and the result of the risk assessment.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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