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Substances in products

– the Show chronic hazard indicators option must be enabled
(see Enable an option)

Each product is automatically analyzed based on the substances indicated in the SDS (Safety Data Sheet).

Access the List of substances:
Applications Menu > Chemical products > Substances

There are two lists:

  • The substances declared in the Quarks Safety database for which regulatory monitoring exists
  • The substances that make up the products registered in the inventory.

Characteristics column:
The substances are displayed by CAS number.
Colored indicators show the substance’s hazard level.

Hovering over the indicator displays details about the substance and its hazard characteristics, analyzed based on hazard statements.

  • The features shown in light gray indicate non-hazardous substances.
  • The features shown in dark gray indicate substances with ambiguities, which Quarks Safety helps to clarify, or substances not present in the database provided and maintained by Quarks Safety.

Clicking on a substance designation opens a detailed sheet in the side panel.

Organized in tabs, the sheet provides all information related to the substance, both technical and regulatory.

  • General Tab:
    It displays, when available, the product’s carcinogenicity data, exposure limits, biological exposure indices, occupational disease table, and physicochemical properties.
  • Classification Tab:
    It displays the hazard classification elements, in current and historical French and European regulations (depending on selected options).
    Concentration: Select the substance concentration to automatically display the associated hazard analysis. Hazard statements and precautionary advice are displayed.Quarks Safety created the CMR Symbol to distinguish at first glance CMR substances from those classified as SGH 07.
  • Citations Tab:
    It details, when the substance is concerned, the chemical family or families and any regulations. In the latter case, a See on the website of: link provides access to the source.

On the dashboard, the regulatory updates set up in the platform are indicated as soon as a regulatory update exists.

It is possible at any time to update the regulatory monitoring directly from the substance sheet by clicking on .

Updated on 24 October 2023

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