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How to associate a safety data sheet with a product?

Quarks Safety is connected to leading manufacturers of chemical products and reagents. This connection enables the automatic collection of SDSs when they are available from these manufacturers.

Access to this function is restricted to certain user profiles defined by the platform administrator.

Whether it’s a new product or an existing one without an SDS:

1. New product: Once the product has been registered, open the SDS tab.

1. Existing product: Open the product file by clicking on its designation in the list, then open the SDS tab.

2. In the Update SDS section

  • Case n°1 : Download the SDS from your computer.
    Section Update SDS, on line Manually :
    – Add the SDS from your workstation using the Browse button.
  • Case 2: A downloader exists for the manufacturer.
    Section Update SDS, line Manufacturer’s site:
    – Cliquer sur Update SDS
    ou can also download the MSDS from the product list by clicking on in the SDS column.
  • Case n°3: There is no manufacturer’s SDS.
    Current SDS section, on the SDS line :
    – Click on Indicate a reason for absence of SDS
    – Choose a reason from the drop-down list.
Updated on 23 October 2023

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