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How to apply the 2% SEVESO rule

– have extensive rights
– the stock management option must be activated
– the SEVESO option must be activated
– the Application of the 2% SEVESO rule option must be activated
(see Switch to extended rights | Activate an option)

Under article R.511-11-II e) of the French Environment Code, the 2% rule stipulates that hazardous substances present in an establishment in quantities equal to or less than 2% of the relevant threshold quantity are not taken into account in calculating the total quantity if their location within the establishment is such that the substances cannot trigger a major accident elsewhere in the establishment. Translated with (free version)

For this rule to apply, the location of the quantity of products stored must not be capable of causing a domino effect on another facility, and the quantity stored must be less than 2% of the Seveso threshold relevant for determining status.

The Site operator is solely responsible for determining which premises are subject to the 2% rule. Quarks Safety can be used to indicate, by location and by substance, the locations where the 2% rule applies.

How to apply the 2% SEVESO rule?

Applications Menu > Chemicals > Locations

1. Select location

2. In the detail panel > Stock tab > Application of the 2% SEVESO rule

3. Select the relevant heading(s)

NB: Headings to which the 2% SEVESO rule applies are displayed only if stock exists.

Updated on 5 February 2024

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