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Customize product labels

– have extended rights
– the option Activate the custom labels module must be enabled.
(see Switch to extended rights | Enable an option)


This module allows customization of product labels as well as the use of commercially available self-adhesive label sheets.

Access the module

Applications Menu > Tools > Labels > Custom Labels

Two standard product label templates (in 25x54cm and A6 format) are provided. They cannot be modified.

It is necessary to duplicate one to create your own template:

1. Action to open the new label interface

2. Enter the template name

3. (Select the object type from the list)**

4. Optionally add a comment

5. Save

A preview of the label is displayed in the panel. It is ready to be customized.

**Object Type: Customization of flask labels will be available later.

Customize the label

1. Click on Model the label to access the editing interface

The interface is composed as follows:

2. To add a field to the label: click on its name in the list.
A formatting menu is available: hover over the icons to learn how to use them:

Layout fields are available in the list of dynamic fields, allowing you to add free text:

The added field is displayed by default in the top left-hand corner of the customization area.

3. Click on it to position it on the label.

The formatting menu proposes the options available for the selected object:

4. Save to validate the creation of the model.

The preview of the created model is displayed:

Generate Labels

To generate a label and apply the customized model:

In a product’s file, go to the Hazards tab > Hazardousness section:

1. At the bottom of the table, click on the Labels link: Print.

In the window that opens:
2. Select the customized model from the dropdown list.

3. Enter the number of labels to be generated.
4. Export to get the labels.

Sorting of prints will be available later.

Label Sheet

The Sheet option allows generating multiple labels on a single page.

1. In the Copies field, enter the desired number of labels for the selected Model on the chosen sheet.
(example: 3 labels of 38.1X99.1 on an A4 sheet)

2. Select the Sheet Model from the dropdown list.

3. Select the Starting Index in case of using a sheet previously used.
The index indicates the first label printed during the edition. The index is read from top to bottom and from left to right.

4. Export to obtain the labels.

Customization of Label Sheets

Menu Applications > Tools > Labels > Label Sheets > Create
In the New Sheet window, enter the corresponding details.

The Dimensions excluding margins configure the print area used by the printer model.

Updated on 30 October 2023

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