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How to add flasks to stock?

There are three ways to access the Putaway form:

– Quick access New batch

Applications Menu > Chemicals > Products > Product name >New batch

Applications Menu >Chemicals > Stock management > Flasks> Add flasks

Once the Putaway form is displayed

1a. Existing product:
Enter the name, synonym or CAS number of the product stored. A list of suggestions allows you to choose the product you want.

Quarks Safety also provides a list of the latest batch entries. They can then be duplicated to create a new entry identical to the previous one.

1b.If the product does not exist:
Create a new product file with Add a product sheet.
Once the product has been registered, it can be put into stock.

2. Next.

3. Fill in the fields on the putaway form.
To enter several bottles from the same batch, simply enter the quantity in the corresponding field.

4. Next

5. Check that informations are corrects.

6. Save

7. Start printing the generated labels by clicking on Print labels.

Putaway is complete.
Don’t forget to label your products.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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