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How to set up inventory?

Create items and packagings

Application Menu > Consumables > Inventory > Items

Several search filters are available depending on user rights.

Add a new item to the inventory

Application Menu > Consumables > Inventory > Items > Create

Fields followed by an asterisk* must be filled out.

Management: the choice of the management unit (volume, weight, or unit) will display the corresponding possible stock units.

Stock Unit: it’s the item’s delivery unit, used in the packaging composition. Unit suggestions depend on the Management unit.

Section Packagings > Pack: details the grouping of items in the selected packaging: box, packet, pack, carton, or bag of X units.

It’s also possible to specify, when creating an item, its link with another already created item, by selecting it in the Linked to the item field, such as a mask and its filter cartridges.

For this, the Parent items for consumable items option must be activated.
(see Enable an option)

Photo Section: Choose the photo that will also appear when hovering over the item’s name in the Item List.

Documents Section: to associate a document with the item card.

Create a brand

When the user has the rights, it’s possible to create a brand in two ways:

Via the Item card by clicking on Add to the right of the Brand field

Via the menu Consumables > Brands >

It’s possible to archive a brand to no longer display it in the item card. To do this, click on the brand card’s edit button and select Yes to Archived.

In edit mode, the Brand card also allows attaching a file related to the brand.

Stock thresholds

For each item, it’s possible to specify the minimum and maximum stocks not to be exceeded, as well as, when the minimum stock is reached, the number of items it is advisable to order.

Several people can be alerted of the set thresholds by entering their email addresses, separated by a comma.

1. Click on the Stock tab of the Item card
2. Click in the Stock and alert thresholds section to open the setting form. Each group can have its own alerts.

In the item list, reaching the set thresholds is illustrated by color codes:
red when the stock quantity is below the minimum stock
green when the stock quantity meets the expected values
yellow when the stocked quantity is above the maximum stock

The threshold is monitored on the quantity of the packagings.
The maximum and minimum quantity columns indicate the quantities of the items.


An item can have several packagings.

The packaging can be created in several ways:

When creating the item:
In the item detail card, the Packagings section allows directly creating a new packaging. Provided the user has the rights, click on the of the section to open the form.

From the menu:
Application Menu > Consumables > Inventory > Packaging

The SKU is the Stock Keeping Unit, or the Inventory Management unit, which indicates the organization of items delivered by the supplier.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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