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Menus and work areas

The Different Menus

The upper part of the interface includes the three main menus.

Screen of the menus of Quarks Safety

From left to right and from top to bottom:

Cart Menu
In addition to its primary function of saving a selection, it also allows for cross-referencing on result lists.
Depending on the enabled options, it will be possible to use carts on:

User Menu

Hovering over the links Structure, Username, and Language displays a dropdown menu of actions or details.

Applications Menu 
Each module has its submenu with functions and sub-functions displayed via dropdown menus on hover.

The displayed modules depend on the configuration of your platform and the rights associated with your user profile.

Workspace Areas

Screen of work areas


Within the applications, the interfaces are similar and consist of three workspace areas:

  • Search filters organized into sections.
    The number of filters and/or sections depends on the application’s configuration and the user’s rights and roles.
  • Search results organized in the form of a table with pagination.
    To streamline the display, it is possible to enable or disable one or more columns.
    The last column generally includes the available actions for the item in question.
  • Detail panel of a selected object or link in the search results with available actions repeated at the top and bottom. Depending on the details to be displayed, the information is categorized into sections and, if necessary, into one or more tabs. The content of this panel remains on the screen until replaced, regardless of navigation in the rest of the application.

    Actions on the display are found in the top bar of the panel:

Action Icons

Only the main actions available on all applications are presented here. Some actions may be added depending on the content or enabled options. Throughout the platform, the meaning of an icon is displayed when hovering over it.

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Updated on 30 October 2023

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