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How to add a product?

If the product does not exist in the database and has never been used by a group, a product sheet must be created.
The product data sheet will be linked to the MSDS.

There are two ways to access the New product sheet:

– Quick access Products> Create

Applications Menu > Chemicals > Products > Create

1. The New product form opens in the panel.

2. Fill in at least these five details:
(required fields are highlighted in red)

Tip: To avoid the accidental creation of duplicates for the same product, take care when entering the Description, Manufacturer and Reference fields.
One character more or less will be considered as a new entry (e.g. SARL instead of S.A.R.L.).

  • Designation: the name of the product given by the manufacturer (indicated in section 1 of the MSDS)
  • The Manufacturer: not to be confused with the supplier
  • Reference : the manufacturer’s part number (the product code given by the manufacturer in section 1 of the SDS)
  • The physical state of the product: solid, liquid or gaseous
  • Group: indicate at least one first group

3. Save

It is now possible to associate the SDS: See How to associate a safety data sheet with a product

Updated on 23 October 2023

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