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How to set up collaborators?

– have extended rights
(see Switch to extended rights)

Open a “Create a Collaborator” form:

Menu Applications > Administration > Collaborators > Create

1. Fill in the fields of the form:

  • Last Name and First Name
  • Photo: it should be in square format to display correctly.
  • Signature: Used to trace the user’s creations and modifications on the platform.
  • Language: determines the default version of the platform when the user logs in: FR for the French version, EN for the English version. By default, the platform takes the language of the user’s structure.
  • Position: Assisted entry. Enter the first letters of a position and choose from the list of suggestions.
  • Referent: This is another collaborator who will have validation rights on the new collaborator’s approval requests.
    The option Assign a referent collaborator must be activated (subject to deployment of associated modules)
  • Email: Mandatory.
  • Email alerts: Check Yes for the collaborator to receive alerts.
  • Contact details: optional

2. Save

The collaborator has been created. Now you need to assign their roles in the structure and group:

3. Click on the user’s name in the List of Collaborators to open their form.

4. Structure Roles section: This is a role whose rights apply to the entire structure and therefore the groups. Recommended for cross-functional roles.

– Click on and select their role from the drop-down list.

5. Save

Group Roles section: This is a role whose rights apply to the group. It is possible to have identical or different rights across multiple groups.
6. Click on and select the group(s) and role from the drop-down lists.

7. Save

Updated on 24 October 2023

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