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Access the list of needs:

– Quick access Needs > Create

Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Needs > Create a need

By default, the filter applies to new, received, taken into account, and ordered needs, for approved uses (when the approval process module is enabled and set up). Needs are displayed from the most recent to the oldest (request date).

Status Taken into account

Click on the designation of the need to open the detailed form. The form consists of three tabs:

Need Tab:
Recapitulates the elements provided by the requester. All the pink information indicates a hyperlink on which it is possible to click to consult additional information or make modifications (when rights have been granted to the warehouseman role) on:

  • The product form
  • The packaging that gives access to the price history
  • The Supplier that displays the detailed form. The supplier code appears in parenthesis in the needs column. The supplier’s name appears in red when it is not provided.

Order Tab:
Is filled in when the order is placed. The status must therefore be Taken into account to be modifiable.

Follow-up Tab :
Accessible by all users at any time and is automatically filled in as the request is processed and the storage and use locations concerned by the product for which the need is expressed.

Click on Taken into account to modify the need’s status.

Screen of a need description

Status Ordered

Switching a need to the “Ordered” status allows the receptionists to be informed of the expected products and the stock entry of the delivered bottles.

The Ordered button only appears when all the fields necessary for entering the order are filled in, namely:

  • Supplier’s SAP code
  • Customer code (from the company to the supplier)
  • And when the approval option is activated, the selection of an approved use

Click on Edit on the need form.

Select the Order tab and fill in the following elements:

  • Expected delivery
  • Order number

The Confirmed Delay can be filled in later.

The Internal Code is entered by clicking on the hyperlink of the purchase reference and then on Edit in the Purchase Reference form.

Status Received

The Ordered status allows the Stock Entry of the bottles. The assistant guides the entry and checks the filling of the fields expected by the platform administrator. It is possible to make stock entries gradually as deliveries are made.

Only the complete stock entry of the need changes the need’s status to Received.

Status Settled

When an order cannot be fulfilled by the supplier, it is possible to change the need to settled.

A confirmation message is displayed. It is thus possible to go back and comment on the reason for the status.

Status Distributed

The Distributed status is only visible to the store manager and in the Needs List, it indicates the needs that have been fully met and paid off.

Status Canceled

The Canceled status is visible in the Needs List and indicates the needs that have been canceled by the requester.


Various filters are available on the Needs List. The results of the queries made can be exported as a spreadsheet thanks to the Export needs button located at the bottom of the search result area.

Updated on 30 October 2023

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