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Hazard analysis

Quarks Safety compares the information provided by the supplier in the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) with the regulatory monitoring of the substances that make up the product.

Product Hazards

Access the List of Hazards:
Applications Menu > Chemical products > Risk analysis > Product Hazards

The SDS Analysis column contains colored diamonds, sometimes numbered.

indicates a compliant SDS.

indicates an SDS in which information is missing. This information can be found in the Hazards tab of the relevant product sheet.

indicates a non-compliant SDS due to the absence of classifications. The number in the diamond indicates the number of missing classifications. These are provided in the Hazards tab of the relevant product sheet.

Add a classification

  1. Open the product sheet by clicking on its name in the List or with the action
  2. Hazards tab of the product sheet:
    Check the Classification suggestions based on composition missing in the SDS.
  3. To add them to the product, click
  4. To ignore these classification suggestions, click
Updated on 24 October 2023

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