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How to manage accounts connected via SSO?

– have a platform connected to the SSO
– have extended rights
(see Switch to extended rights)

Connecting to Quarks

Upon the first connection to Quarks, the employer’s credentials are automatically created.

Warning: The first connection must necessarily be made on the production platform so that the identifier is transmitted to the other environments.

Default assigned role

An account named consultation has been set up to be shared. This account grants consultation status on all platform structures.

Upon the first connection, users are automatically and by default assigned a shared account.

Identify users who have a shared account

Display the List of User Accounts:
Menu Applications > Administration > Accounts

Select Yes for the Shared Account filter.

2. Search

Detach the shared account from a user

In the user list:

Click on the user’s identifier to modify.

Edit in the account details panel:

Shared Account: check No


When the Shared Account option is unchecked, the user has no rights or roles on any structure.

You must then assign them a role:

Assign a role to the collaborator

Display the list of collaborators:

Menu Applications > Administration > Collaborators

Click on the collaborator’s name to open their file in the panel.

Use to add one or more roles to a structure or group. You can add roles to a structure or only to a group within a structure.

Select the desired structure (or group) from the dropdown menu.

Select the desired role for the collaborator from the dropdown menu.


Updated on 24 October 2023

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