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Setting up alerts

In this file:

– have extended rights
– the Alerts option must be activated
(see Switch to extended rights | Enable an option)

Setting up alerts allows for the triggering of an email to specific collaborators or roles when events of creation, modification, or deletion of data occur on the platform by a collaborator.

Display the List of alerts:

Menu Applications > Tools > Alerts > Alerts

The list compiles all the sent alerts. Details of each alert can be viewed by clicking on the magnifying glass

Use the search filters to sort the messages.

The Trigger filter distinguishes administrator-configured alerts (value Yes) from those automatically sent by the system (value No).

Alert Triggers

It is possible to configure triggers for specific functions. For all, a trigger exists for creation or deletion, but some have specific triggers, which are listed at the end of this page.

To create a trigger:

1. Menu Applications > Tools > Alerts > List of triggers > Create

Fill in the fields:

  • Defer: sets the number of days between the event and the email sending
  • Sender follow-up: allows the event-triggering user to be automatically copied to the email.
  • Acknowledgment: used for some dashboard-displayed alerts. The recipient(s) must acknowledge the information on the dashboard for it to disappear.
  • Multiple instances: this option authorizes the trigger

2. The subject and content of the email can be configured.
By default, the email’s subject will be the name given to the trigger, and the body will be empty.

3. Display the tab of the language in which the email will be written (French or English).

  • The text can integrate elements from the database called Dynamic Elements.
  • Save the trigger for the first time
  • Click on Edit: the Dynamic Elements link appears.
  • Place the cursor in the text by clicking where to insert an element, then click on the dynamic element to insert it.

4. Save

It is also possible to specify the role or name of the recipient(s) by filling in the associated sections.

Cancel requirement

Need taken into account

Order placed

Receipt of order

Batch distribution

Order cleared

Update delivery date

Supplier update

Product quotation

Extended product submission

Product acceptance

Product refusal

Hazards update

Update hazards following the addition of an SDS

Critical hazards to be parameterized

Stationary products

Minimum stock reached

Maximum stock reached

Acknowledgement reminder

Expiration of an approval following modifications

  • Expiration d’une approbation suite à des modifications
Alerte veille réglementaire Alerte FDS Certificat Commande Déclaration ponctuelle
  • Déclaration d’une exposition accidentelle
Déclaration par période
  • Envoi au validateur
Déclarations annuelles
  • Envoi au validateur
  • Validation
Ligne de déclaration
  • Déclaration d’un produit CMR
  • Rappel de fin de contrat
  • Rappel annuel de déclaration

Reporting accidental exposure

Send to validator

Send to validator


CMR product declaration

End of contract reminder

Annual declaration reminder

Updated on 24 October 2023

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