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How to substitute a hazardous product?

– have a role with product creation, use and activity rights
– the Activate activity module and Product equivalents by activity options must be activated
– the products to be compared must have a completed MSDS sheet.
(see Activate an option)

Results can be filtered by group, activity, date and measurement (in percent).
When risks cannot be eliminated at source, the substitution of hazardous products is compulsory to respect the principle of replacing what is hazardous by what is not, or is less so.

Equivalent products allow you to compare several products that can be used in the same activity.

Reminder of the order of operations:

1. Create product equivalence

2. Compare in the list of product equivalents the hazard analysis of each product indicated in the equivalence.

Create product equivalence

Applications menu > Chemicals > Risk analysis > Equivalent products > Create

1. Complete the sheet:

  • Activity: select the relevant activity or create it with
  • Designation: the common name given to the product by operators
  • Reference product: the name of the product to be substituted
  • Equivalents: enter the name of the product to be substituted. You can enter several names for a global study of possible substitutions.

Compare products

Applications menu > Chemicals > Risk analysis > Equivalent products

Search for equivalence by: equivalence, activity or by product designation/reference.

The list of equivalent products displays the products’ H statements and hazard analysis.

Updated on 5 February 2024

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