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Create a new formula

– The detailed Formulation option must be activated.
(see Enable an option)

The management of solution, intermediate, formulas… creations is done via the Formulation menu.
A formula is necessarily associated with a project and can be linked to a group or a structure.

Each formulation allows the creation of preparations that
automatically decrement the stock of components and are managed as a stock item with the identification of locations and bottles via the labels.

Activation of the formulation module does not require authorization.
Also, the module is displayed on the dashboards of all users.

However, the authorizations given to products apply to formulas:
Who has the right to create a product has the right to create a formula.
Who has the right to delete a product has the right to delete a formula, etc.

Access the form:

Quick access Formulation

Menu Applications > Chemical products > Formulation > Formulas > Create

1. Fill in the fields

2. Save

3. Provide the composition to add the components.

4. Add an ingredient to declare the Phase A of the formulation.

Available stocks are indicated for each component:

Add a new phase to the composition by clicking on Add an ingredient then on the drop-down menu of the phase: phases automatically increment.

– Insert a phase allows for creating an intermediate phase between two already created. Existing phases are then renamed and moved accordingly.

5. Product Field: Describe the component using the list of available Products and formulas.

6. Save

If a product is indicated at 100% in a formula that includes other components, the percentage is recalculated based on the total available volume and indicated in bold in the Percent column of the component list of the formula.

The available stock of each component is displayed as soon as it is selected in the formulation.

The order of the components can be modified with the actions

7. Finish when the composition input is complete.

The formula can be modified and duplicated at any time in the formula sheet or directly in the List of formulas by the actions Modify and Duplicate.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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