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How to spot SVHC in products?

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– have a license with access rights to the regulatory database.


A substance of very high concern for health and the environment (Substance of Very High Concern), must be controlled and/or substituted, as soon as it is included in the list of candidate substances( for in-depth examination with a view to authorization for use.

Furthermore, Article 33 of the REACH regulation stipulates that consumers must be informed of the presence of SVHC in an article, even if this does not expose them to risk(

When substitution is required, it goes into Appendix XIV: Authorisation list ([

Substances of very high concern (SVHC) are:

  • Carcinogenics, mutagenics and substances toxic for reproduction (category 1A and 1B)
    REACH article 57, points a, b, c
  • PBT substances (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic)
    REACH article 57, point d
  • vPvB substances (very persistent and very bioaccumulative)
    REACH article 57, point e
  • Substances with endocrine-disrupting properties (Human health & environment)
    REACH article 57, point f
  • Substances with respiratory sensitising properties (Human health & environment)
    REACH article 57, point f
  • Specific target organ toxicity after repeated exposure
    REACH article 57, point f
  • Other substances, presenting an equivalent level of concern having probable serious effects to human health and/or the environment
    REACH article 57, point f

240 substances are currently registered as substances of very high concern.

Quarks Safety’s regulatory watch team can help you identify SVHC present in the products inventoried on the platform.


1. Identify substances

To do this, create a basket to collect the results:

Basket menu
> Create a new basket > Name the new basket SVHC > Save

Then filter the results:
Applications menu > Chemicals > Known substances > More filters

2. REACH heading

– Check Candidate and Authorization

Important : Endocrine disruptors are included in the search, but to isolate them, click Yes on the PE line.

– Start search

– Add all (adds results to basket)

3. Identify products

Menu Applications > Chemicals > Products > Manufacturers > More filters >
Filter with basket substances

Updated on 4 April 2024

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