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How to set up flasks labels?

– have extended rights
(see Switch to extended rights)

To maintain label readability, limit the number of options.
It is customary to display an average of 5 pieces of information, never more than ten.
Use products with the longest names for testing.

The labels delivered on the platform are configured by default:

Details of a label

Modify Labels

User Menu > Options

Enable or disable options to customize the label.

The options presented below are available for small format labels (25 X 54 mm).

  • Show the owner on the label: the name of the product’s owning group
  • Show the product name on the label
  • Show the reference and manufacturer on the label: reference and manufacturer entered during product creation
  • Show the packaging on the label: packaging entered in the purchase reference
  • Show the lot number on the label: number incremented by Quarks Safety during stock entry
  • Show the storage location on the label: name of the storage location
  • Show the receipt date on the label: date entered during stock entry
  • Show the opening date on the label: reserves a space on the label to indicate the opening date

Example of a label

  • Show the expiration date on the label: This information can be made mandatory during stock entry.
  • Show the “DLUO” (Use By Date) on the label: The “DLUO” is automatically calculated from the product sheet.
  • Show the weight on the label: The weight is automatically calculated from the product sheet.
  • Show the simplified sheet number on the label: Subject to the corresponding option being activated.
  • Show the internal code on the label: Subject to the corresponding option being activated.
  • Show the CAS number on the label: Displays the CAS number of the main substance (in the highest concentration). May indicate the presence of other substances in parentheses.

Show GHS Pictograms on the Label

  • Show the CMR symbol: Displays the CMR symbol created by Quarks Safety.
  • Show the breadcrumb of the storage location: Displays the organization of locations up to the final stock.
    Example: SOUTH > Chemistry Lab II > Cabinet
  • Show the storage location label: An alternative to displaying the breadcrumb.
  • Show the storage location code: Displays the code generated by Quarks Safety during the creation of the location.
  • Place the bottle code under the QR Code: Frees up space on the left side of the label.
Updated on 30 October 2023

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