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How to manage needs?

The needs module allows tracking a request from its expression to its delivery. The functions described below are subject to rights set by the database administrator.

Express a Need

There are two ways to express a need:

Method 1 :
From the list of articles, in the Actions column, click on

Method 2 :
Applications Menu > Consumables > Needs > Create

Fields with a blue background are assisted input fields that allow you to choose from the suggested options.

Location: The field indicates the final storage location.

Once registered, the need is displayed on the right side of the screen and summarizes the request.

The instruction of the request will be recorded later in the Follow-up section.

The validator receives an email informing them that a new need has been expressed, with the various elements of the request, depending on the settings of the administrator.

The requester will receive an email informing them of the acceptance or refusal of their request once it has been processed. CC recipients can be set.

Validate a Need

Validating replenishment requests is a right given by the platform administrator.

Applications Menu > Consumables > Needs

Search filters are available.

By default, the list of replenishment needs displays those awaiting validation.

Click on the item name to open the replenishment need form

Click on the validation action buttons: Accept or Reject

It is also possible to access the detailed replenishment need form by clicking on the Group name in the Replenishment Needs section of the Stock tab of the Article form.

The requester will receive an email informing them of the acceptance or refusal of their request once it has been processed. Several recipients can be defined.

Place a Need as an Order

The user in charge of tracking orders receives an email informing them that a need has been validated.

Applications Menu > Consumables > Needs

The list of approved needs to be ordered is displayed when the Status: To be ordered filter is selected.

Click on the hyperlink of the need to open its detailed form

Change the status to Ordered

Receive an Order

When an order is delivered, click on Receive to register the delivery-related information.

The displayed form allows you to enter the information related to the delivery. Fields followed by an asterisk are mandatory.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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