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Monitoring of SDS download scripts

About our monitoring service
Our service provides real-time monitoring of the compatibility and availability of supplier sites with our download scripts. These scripts are essential to ensure that our users can obtain the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) they need without interruption.

Accessing the Status page

The page is available here: SDS Downloader Status

How Does It Work?

  1. Automated Download Scripts
    Every hour, our automated scripts attempt to download an SDS from the corresponding manufacturer’s site. This test process ensures that the supplier’s site is accessible and that our scripts are up-to-date with any site changes that could affect the download.
  2. Monitoring and notification
    If a script fails to successfully download the SDS, this indicates a potential issue either with the supplier’s site or with the compatibility of our script. Such an anomaly is immediately reported to our development team and is displayed on the monitoring page to inform users.

Reading the Status dashboard

  1. ‘Supplier’ column
    Lists the suppliers for which a download script is set up.
  2. ‘Script Status’ column
    A green check indicates that the last download test was successful, showing that the supplier’s site and our download script are operational.
    A yellow check indicates a failure in the last attempt.
    A red cross indicates a persistent failure, which may suggest a problem with the supplier’s site or with our script.

Actions in Case of Anomalies

If an anomaly is detected:

  1. Verification by the Development Team
    Our technical team is automatically notified and begins the troubleshooting process.
  2. No Panic
    Users do not need to take any action. Anomalies are usually resolved quickly without impacting the ability to download SDSs.
  3. Status updates
    The page is regularly updated to reflect the current status of the download scripts.


If you have any questions or need assistance with downloading SDSs, please contact us at

or by phone at +33 (0)1 850 850 81

We are committed to maintaining the reliability of our SDS download service and to keeping you informed of any potential issues affecting the availability of the sheets.

Updated on 6 December 2023

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