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How to configure roles?

– have extended rights
(see Switch to extended rights)

Roles correspond to the types of licenses acquired.

Display the list of roles:

Applications Menu > Administration > Roles

1. Complete the fields:

  • Role name: each role can be customized in terms of its label to take on the designation of the function within the organization.
  • Structure role: this is a role whose rights apply to the entire structure and thus to groups. Recommended for cross-functional roles.
  • Group role: this is a role whose rights apply to the group. It is possible to have the same or different rights across multiple groups.
  • Configure rights: a tooltip on hover allows you to understand the authorization of a right.

2. Save

The precedence of role rights is on the structure.
Consequently, a user can be limited if the rights given to the structure role are fewer than those given to the group role.

Test the rights given to a user:

User Menu > Username > Test a user account

1. Select the name of the user to test from the dropdown list

The interface automatically updates with the profile of the selected user

Return to the Administrator account:
User Menu > Username > Return to the account

Updated on 24 October 2023

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