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How to manage ICPE thresholds?

– l’option ICPE/SEVESO doit être activée
(voir Activer une option)

There are two ways to manage ICPE thresholds, depending on whether they are associated with stock management or not.

ICPE and Seveso inventory management is always declarative, whether stock management is enabled or not.

Stock Management Option is Disabled

Create the Inventory

Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Risk Analysis > Site Inventories > Create

Select the year and the site for which the ICPE inventory needs to be created.

Specify whether this inventory is:

  • Current: the one in progress. This will be the default inventory when declaring stocks and consumption.
  • Locked after declaration, meaning it cannot be modified.

3. Save.

The list of site inventories allows duplicating an existing inventory using the action button .

Perform the Inventory

The inventory can be done in two ways:

From the Product List:

Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Products

  • 1. Open the product sheet concerned by the inventory.
  • 2. Click on in the Consumption and Storage Tracking section.
  • 3. Select the site and location for which the inventory is updated. When only one site or location is concerned, it is automatically proposed.
  • 4. Enter the quantities stored and used, specifying the unit of measurement.
  • 5. Save. In the search window, select the value Subject to ICPE in the ICPE Classified field to display only products that require inventory declaration.
    It is possible to specify a search by selecting one or more ICPE Categories for which the inventory needs to be done.

From the site:

Select the hyperlink of the site in the List of Inventories to open its sheet in the panel.

Click on the hyperlink of the site in the site’s sheet to enter data in the Consumption and Storage Tracking section.

Perform ICPE and Seveso Classifications

Click on Initialize Lines after selecting an inventory in the Inventory Lines created.

  • The ICPE classification is then detailed by ICPE code. Persistent ambiguities and unclassified products blocking the completion of the inventory are indicated.
    Click on the category visualization symbol to see the details.

Screen of ICPE levels

The detail of inventory lines allows access to modification functions and the lock, preventing any further modification by a user without extended rights in the platform.

ICPE indicator

  • The SEVESO status is calculated automatically: the establishment type is determined by the storages present in the structure, and the detail of non-locked inventories is displayed in real time.

Screen of SEVESO levels

Stock Management Option is Enabled

Managing the stock allows activating the option Enable ICPE Regime Supervision when Entering Stock so that each stock entry displays regulatory information, the consequences of the entry on the ICPE regime, or perspectives when the product impacts the ICPE regime of the site.

Updated on 30 October 2023

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