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Deduplication of manufacturer’s products

In this file:

– have extended rights
(see Switch to extended rights)

When users have the right to create products, duplicates can be created.

To identify them:

Menu Applications > Chemical Products > Configuration > Product Manufacturer Deduplication

1. Search to start the search.
Quarks Safety searches for products that have at least in common

  • Designations and references
  • References and manufacturers
  • Designations and manufacturers

2. Select in the To Merge column the products to be grouped.

3. Select in the Master column the product whose information will be retained after the merge.
By default, the Master file is the first on the list.

4. Confirm with Merge.

Merging principle

The merging logic is as follows:

  • If information is missing in the master file, those from the other file, if they exist, are imported.
  • If the information is present in each file, those of the master file are retained.
  • Storage-related information is pooled (depending on the options activated)
    – Purchase references
    – Uses
    – Current stock
    – Stock monitoring
    – Flask list
    – Batch list

The product file created following the merge is automatically displayed on the right side of the screen.

When there are more than two files merged simultaneously, the system merges two files at a time, as many times as necessary, according to the principle mentioned above.

Therefore, the system records the information from the first file, the “Master”, and retains it until the end of data processing.

The file merge and the sharing of associated information removes any confidentiality from one of them.

The date of the most recent SDS is a reference for selecting the file that can be selected as Master.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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