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The exposure sheet for employees exposed to hazardous chemicals is required by law, in application of decrees n°2001-97 of 1/02/2001 and 2003-1254 of 23/12/2003:
“The employer keeps an up-to-date list of workers exposed to very toxic, toxic, harmful, corrosive, irritant and sensitizing hazardous chemical agents, as well as carcinogens, mutagens and agents toxic to reproduction (CMRs). “

The nature of the exposure, its duration and its degree, as known […] and which makes it possible to:

  • Qualify the risk: product identification, hazard categories, physico-chemical form,
  • Specify exposure conditions: collective and individual protective equipment, duration of exposure (exposure time, number of manipulations),
  • Reference the conditions of accidental exposure (rupture of containment, spillage, projections, etc.)

Each worker concerned is informed of the existence of the exposure sheet and has access to the information concerning him or her. He or she is informed by e-mail when the forms have been validated.

A duplicate of the annual form is sent to the occupational doctor and other stakeholders, who can be configured.

There are three kinds of declarations in Quarks Safety:

  • One-off declaration: this is the declaration of exposure to a product, based on a bottle number. It can also be used to report accidental exposure.
  • Declaration by period: this is the declaration in which the various exposures to a product are grouped together in a single entry, for a given period or the duration of a project.
  • Annual declaration: this is the declaration given to the doctor and kept by the human resources department. It is generated automatically by Quarks Safety from one-off and period declarations made during the calendar year. It requires the approval of a manager.


The employee fills in the risk exposure sheet, on an ad hoc basis and/or by period, and then asks his or her manager to validate it.
When the declaration is accidental, the validator is immediately informed.

The manager validates the periodic declaration, which generates an individual exposure sheet.
Declarations can only be validated once the employee’s referent has been entered (see Configuring employees).

At the end of the year, the annual declaration is requested by the user and validated by the manager. It is possible to configure access to users’ annual records for different departments within the company, such as the HR department (for archiving in the employee file), the company doctor, the department manager, and so on.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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