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Manufacturers management

– have extended rights
(see Switch to extended rights)

Add a Manufacturer During Product Creation

When creating the product form (see Add a Product), the Manufacturer field is assisted. Just enter the first few letters of a name to get a list of suggestions.

Create a Manufacturer During Product Creation

If the manufacturer does not appear in the list, you can add it directly by clicking on next to the Manufacturer field.

Add a Manufacturer Through Manufacturer Configuration

Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Manufacturers > Create

Complete the form fields by at least filling in the Name field.

Associate the downloader

When the supplier site is optimized for it, Quarks Safety creates downloaders to allow automatic downloading of SDS (Safety Data Sheets).

1. Once the list of manufacturers is imported, click on the manufacturer’s name to open its form in the panel.

2. Edit

3. Downloader section:
Once the downloader is identified, click on the suggested name to associate it automatically.

4. Save

Create the downloader

When the downloader is not detected but is available, it can be consulted at:

1. To add a downloader with a compound name, simply write the name in the Downloader field without spaces.
Example: Alfa Aesae becomes AlfaAesae

2. Save

Merge manufacturers

Display the List of Manufacturers:
Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Manufacturers

1. Click on the Name column header to sort the manufacturers alphabetically.

If a duplicate is noticed:
2. Click on one of the names to open the manufacturer’s form in the panel.

3. Manufacturer section:
On the Merge line: Click on Mark this manufacturer to merge it into another

4. Select the other manufacturer from the list.

5. Manufacturer section:
On the Merge line: Click on Import the data and delete the manufacturer.

Repeat as many times as there are manufacturer duplicates.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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