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How to print labels?


Quarks Safety identifies bottles and their storage locations with a QR code. Bottle labels are generated automatically during stock entries. Product labels are generated when the product is created in the database.

The labels can be configured in Administration Mode with the following options. The options in bold below are enabled by default when your database is deployed.

Each group can configure its own labels.

  • Show the owner on the label: the group name
  • Show the product name on the label
  • Show the reference and manufacturer on the label
  • Show the packaging on the label
  • Show the lot number on the label
  • Show the storage location on the label
  • Show the reception date on the label
  • Show the opening date on the label
  • Show the expiration date on the label
  • Show the “Best Before” date (DLUO) on the label
  • Show the weight on the label
  • Show the internal code on the label
  • Large format label (for large bottles or to identify storage locations)

For small format labels, limit the number of options to maintain information readability.

Bottle Label

Each bottle is identified by a label generated during its entry into stock.

To access the List of Lots:
Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Stock Management > Lots

1. Open the product record.

2. The Bottles section lists all the bottles.
Each label can be generated separately by clicking on the action

To generate all the labels, click on Bottle Labels at the bottom of the bottle list.

Product Label

The Repackaging Labels option must be enabled.
(see Enable an Option)

The product label for repackaging or aliquoting is printed from the product record.

Tab Hazards > Section Hazardousness > Labels > Print
At the end of the section, there is a choice of labels in two formats:

• 25 X 54 identical to location labels (Figure 1)
• A6, which additionally includes hazard statements and precautionary statements (Figure 2)

Figure 1 Format 25x54mm:

Figure 2 format A6 :

Updated on 24 October 2023

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