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How to activate or deactivate an option?

– have extended rights
(see Switch to extended rights)

Consult or modify the options:
Applications Menu > Administration > Advanced Settings > Application Options

When extended rights are activated, it is also possible to access it via:
User Menu > Username > Options

To activate or deactivate an option, click on Enable or Disable in the right column opposite the option.

When an option is not activated according to the default settings, the status label appears in bold.
Italicized mentions explain the purpose of the option.

Options are categorized by themes:
Some options are only displayed after activating specific modules or are reserved for technical support. Therefore, the list below may not be exhaustive.

Activate the permission management modules.
Display the “Shared Account” field.
Select a name and a service for shared accounts.
Display the “External Account” field.
Retain data between two sessions.
Enable welcome messages.
Autocomplete search to test an account.
Allow automatic logins.

Display product alerts
Display acknowledged product alerts
Display alerts in product list

Shopping cart on stock monitoring
Cart on product sheets
Cart on flasks
Cart on batches
Cart on uses
Cart on substances
Cart on locations

Multilingual / Multi-country
Product sheets shared between structures
Manual addition of usage sheets
Display user groups in the product list
Display activities in the product list
Product confidentiality
Other designation / Keywords
Add a photo to the product
Product category – unique
Product categories – multiple
Display the category/categories in the list
Finished products
UDS Product Category (PC)
ERP Reference / Internal Code – unique
ERP Reference / Internal Code – multiple
Display the UFI identifier of products
Cell lines
Consumable materials
Products suitable for food contact
Product hazard score
Product hazards on the dashboard
Benzene (% by weight)
Products considered as alcohols
Products considered as solvents
Exposure scenario
General PPE for the product
Addition of usage PPEs on the product
Hardship factor at work
VOC content
Chemical family
Storage pressure
Referenced products
Association of safety documents on products
Display remarks in the list
Display the update date in the list
Display packaging
Filter by designation
Filter by manufacturer
Filter by storage/use location
Filter by physical state
Filter by empirical formula
Filter by flash point
Filter nanoparticles
Filter according to DSD regulation
Filter according to CLP regulation
Filter by precautionary statements
Filter by waste codes
Filter the presence of SGH pictograms
Filter by transport regulation
Filter by hazardous chemicals
Filter by activity
Filter products in stock
Be able to enter a substance when creating a product
User column in product export
ADR Export
Simplified export
Duplicate the product sheet
Display the last evacuation date in the product list
Requirement to specify a manufacturer for a product
Requirement to specify a reference for a product
Requirement to specify a reference for a product with a downloader
Requirement to specify an internal code for a product
Requirement to specify the physical state for a product
Requirement to specify the appearance or granulometry for a product
Repackaging labels
Repackaging labels without QR Code
Filter use to Yes by default
Display groups in emergency export
Display automatic info under the product
Display the category under the product
Display the INCI under the product
Display synonyms under the product
Seirich export in archive and xlsx format
Display bath management information on the product sheet
Printing of repackaging labels from the basket
Uses identified by the manufacturer
Display chronic hazard pills
Occupational diseases on products
Retrieval of products whose manufacturer has an SDS downloader
List of identical products
List of product equivalences
Filter immobile products
Stock surveillance filter

SDS Analysis
SDS Validation
Filter by available eSDS
SDS Vault Export
SDS update alerts
SDS update alerts if hazard/composition change only
Display quick SDS search on the dashboard
Quick SDS search on the dashboard is filtered by uses
Quick SDS search on the dashboard is filtered by bottle codes
Statistics on SDS verification dates
SDS language in red if it is not in French
Add a reason for missing SDS
SDS download history
SDS Manager returns a Quarks URL
SDS Manager for SDS extraction
Allows uploading and marking an SDS from another manufacturer
Activate notifications to SDS binders

Display available prices for each product
Archiving of formulas by projects
Purchase references on the product sheet
List of purchase references
Supplier and price on purchase references
Reference and price mandatory on purchase references
Container types
Management of languages on orders
Multiple currencies
VAT (Value Added Tax)
Accounting category
File number
Manufacturers available from a supplier
Request by quantity
Request by purchase reference
Request with usage specification
Management of grades in purchase references
Provides visibility on all units in purchase references
Management of packaging types for gases

GHS classifications of substances
Simplified addition of the composition
Display a badge with the EC number

Validation of new product requests
Addition of the technical sheet during a new product request
Enter the distributor’s reference
Prohibited mentions
Prohibited pictograms
Prohibited regulations
Critical mentions
Critical pictograms
Critical regulations
Validation required for critical products only
Validation of critical products in 1st validation instead of the 2nd
Entry of the supervisor’s email for critical products

Activate usage sheets
Allow the creation of multiple uses of the same activity for the same product
Products under trial
Display products under trial in the usage list
External products
UDS Technical Function (TF)
View product uses from other services
Enter authorized persons for each use
Enter other users for each use
Enter the frequency and quantity used for each new use
Enter the stored quantity for each new use
Enter the activity for each new use
Enter the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for each new use
Enter the CPC (Collective Protective Equipment) for each new use
Enter the usage temperature for each new use
Requirement to enter an activity
Requirement to enter usage locations
Requirement to enter the storage location
Requirement to enter storage locations
Enter the annual consumption for each use
Attach a CMR non-substitution file
Unique usage location for each declared use
Multiple usage locations for each declared use
Unique storage location for each declared use
Multiple storage locations for each declared use
Enter concentration instead of quantity for the evaluation of diluted products
Editing uses in minicrud
Attach usage instruction sheets
History of simplified sheets
Filter on the description of uses
Display the description of uses in the list

Frequency with duration
Risk assessment
Smileys on residual risks
Hazards of substances
Hazard score panel
OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit) measurement
Extended activities – Job descriptions
Specific activities by structures
Specific activities by groups
Activity location
Activity validation
Breaking down activities into steps
OEL in the activity module
Exposure potential entered by the CPC (Collective Protective Equipment)
Exposure potential entered by the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
Individual potential exposures
Multiple individual potential exposures per product
Frequency of use on individual potential exposures
Entering exposure levels by activity
Specify if the product will be reused the following year
Annual inventories
Inventories by building
Hide storage and consumption of past inventories
Activate annual inventory import with a file
Consumption tonnage
Application of the 2% SEVESO rule per inventory line
Risk assessment – R&D method
Risk assessment – R&D method – Extended residual risk
Risk assessment – ND2233 method
Risk assessment – ND2233 method – Fire/Environment
Risk assessment – ND2233 method – Evallourisk
Exposure declarations by activity
Restriction of activities regarding CMR products
Entry of the procedure in the activities
Individual exposure declarations
Restriction of the CPC to those described in the usage room
Archiving of activities
Action plans
Validity duration for actions
Forecast and actual budgets for action plans
Action catalog
Raw actions
Specification of the pilot in generic actions
Action category
Detailed action categories
OEL measurement reports
Hazard pictograms

Default PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) types by groups
Inventory dates
CMR exposure declarations
Surface treatment
Movements and evacuations
Bottle movements
Simplified BA sheets
Detailed formulation
Export of the formula composition
Automatic calculation of the formulated product composition
Automatic calculation of the hazards of the formulated product
Ability to describe the formulation for a given quantity of product
Product conformity certificate
Automatic calculation of the expiration date at +5 years
Access to applications
Add a photo to the PPE
Filter by PPE
Display of immobile products on the dashboard
Transport instructions
Categories by structure

Batch list” menu
Use of an internal batch code
Manufacturers’ batch numbers
Batch certificates
Addition of stock vials from order lines
Batch production date
Management of grades in batches

Manage the remaining quantity in a flask
Manage the opening date of the flasks
Reverse inventory
Filter on use/backup stocks
Filter on the absence of flask locations
Filter by physical state
Old flask filter
Location type filter
Filter by site
Budget accounts
Customization of codes
Generation of the label code in the form “TEAM::XXXX”
Generation of the label code prefixed by the product designation
QRCode of the flasks including the product and batch identifier
Withdrawals of quantity from a flask
Additions of quantity to a flask
Flasks visible from other groups are editable
Flasks visible from other groups are evacuable
Visibility of flask locations from other groups
Activate direct evacuation
Activate ICPE regime supervision upon stock entry
Obligation to provide a manufacturer’s batch number for a stock entry
Obligation to provide an expiration date for a stock entry
Export soon-to-be-expired flasks
Filter by brute formula
Labeling mode
PDF export of labels
Quick scan-to-cart menu

Filter label formats
Display the owner on the label
Display the product name on the label
Display the reference and manufacturer on the label
Display the packaging on the label
Display the batch number on the label
Display the storage location on the label
Display the receipt date on the label
Display the opening date on the label
Display the expiration date on the label
Display the “Best Before” date on the label
Display the weight on the label
Display the simplified sheet number
Display the internal code on the label
Display the CAS on the label
Display the SGH pictograms on the label
Display the breadcrumb trail of the storage location
Display the storage location code
Display the storage location label
Large format label
Place the flask code under the QR code
Labels in small, medium, or large formats
Labels in Dymo and Zebra formats
Direct label printing on Zebra
Convert flask labels to MPDF

Customization of labels with location codes
Use a code for locations
Display the location codes
Storage location temperature
Autocomplete displaying location types
Maximum staff
Maximum retention volume
Display of the total number of flasks
Activate visibility restriction on locations
Export of the maximum annual stock by location
Do not display the second selector if there are no sub-locations
Location labels
Activate the recording of plans associated with locations
Types corresponding to usage locations
Types corresponding to storage locations

Batch label
Display the product name on the label
Display the reference and the manufacturer on the label
Display the expiration date on the label
Display the internal code on the label

Stock management
Differentiation between usage stock and reserve stock
Stock variations
Mandatory service for stock monitoring
Mandatory group for stock monitoring
Stock monitoring restricted to one zone
Maximum stock management
Minimum stock alert only triggered if quantity is strictly lower
Replenishment alert

Substances and product composition
Detailed substance list
Product substance list
Custom substance lists
Substance search by similarity or substructure
Display relevant products in the list of known substances
List of substance updates
Display VLEP for all countries
ACGIH regulations for all countries
NTP regulations for all countries
Prop65 regulations for all countries

Regulatory watch alerts
Regulatory watch

Addresses of manufacturers and suppliers
In-house manufacturer
Critical manufacturer

Simplified safety data sheets
Simplified safety data sheets by use
Simplified safety data sheets by product
History of simplified safety data sheets
Download scans of simplified safety data sheets
Auto-incrementing simplified SDS numbers
Pre-filling of simplified SDS from SDS
Simplified safety data sheets by team

Using the scanner

Activate validation of new product uses
Activate product hazard levels
Download scans of approval sheets
Automatic withdrawal of approval when a use is modified
Prevents unapproved products from entering stock
Generate approval request code
Alert validators only if they are responsible for the place of use

Consumables management module

Parent articles for consumables
Link to purchase items for consumables
Displays emergency number
Displays SKUs in item list
Displays group filter in item list

Maximum stock
Minimum stock
Ideal stock
Restriction by location
Replenishment alert

Activate the export creation module

Activate custom label module

Managing documentation

CMR pictogram display

Management of structure and member organization for non-administrator profiles
Assign a code to structures
Assign city to structures
Assign more detailed information on structures
Occupational health department
Currency management by department
Billing minimums by department

Validating the addition of members to groups
Assign codes to groups
Administrative attachment
Assign a contact person
Filter by default on all groups
Budget line in group file
Add expiry date to groups

Activate synchronized translation system
Backup language is English only

Updated on 24 October 2023

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