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How to validate exposure declarations by period?

– have extended rights
(see Switch to extended rights)

Consult Periodic Declarations

The list of periodic declarations allows you to check the status of declarations, which can be modified depending on the users’ permissions.

Access the Declarations List:
– Quick Access Exposures

Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Risk Analysis > Individual Exposures > Periodic Declarations

To validate a declaration, the user must have the status of reference on the user’s profile.

The reference person can also open the profile to Validate the exposure record.

Periodic and annual declarations can be accessed via the symbol on the product line or in the detailed record via Declaration, as long as validation is requested.

In the printed individual exposure record, products are always organized by hazard level, and exposures to CMR and/or STOT are distinguished.

It is possible to request validation of an annual exposure when validations of periodic exposures have been requested.

However, it is impossible to validate an annual exposure until all periodic exposures have been validated.


Declaration Lines

The list of declaration lines provides a comprehensive view of all declarations made by employees.

Access the Declaration Lines List:
Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Risk Analysis > Individual Exposures > Declaration Lines

You can filter the results:

  • by employee: Select their name from the list
  • by product: Assisted input: enter the first letters of the name to display a list
  • by team: Select their name from the list
  • by year

Click on the column headers Occurrences or Average Duration to change the sorting order of the values.

Updated on 30 October 2023

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