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Adding and moving a location

Add a location

Show location list:
Applications Menu > Chemicals > Locations

1. Click on the location in which a new location is required, or on theaction

Its detailed data sheet opens in the panel.

2. Click on din the Sublocations section

– The location type can be used to declare other sub-locations.
For example: a building on a site, a room in a building, a cupboard in a room.
– The type of storage determines the actions that can be performed on a bottle.

  • Use: bottle infeed, displacement, evacuation.
  • Reserve: utilization function and needs management (optional)
  • Evacuation area: flasks stored in this area are not included in the inventory calculation.
  • No storage: makes it impossible to move flasks to this location.

3. Save

Move a location

Please note:
Changing a location moves the flasks stored there.

1. Click on the location to be moved or on the action

Its detailed data sheet opens in the panel.

2. Move section :
Located in: Assisted input. Enter first letters to obtain a list of locations.

3. Save

Updated on 24 October 2023

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