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Workflow validation

The Workflow or approval process allows the use of a product to be approved at several levels, based on product characteristics chosen by the organization. The approval of a use generates a FLU – Local Use Sheet.

Each person required to process a use request receives an email informing them that they are requested for approval. This request can be directly viewed and processed on the dashboard:

  • A green checkmark to approve the use request
  • A red cross to decline the use request.

Both approval and refusal can be explained or supplemented in the form displayed for processing the request.
You can view the details of the request by clicking on the Magnifying glass.

All requests from their group are displayed on the dashboard. The expected validator’s name is indicated. It is in bold when their own validation is awaited.

Any validator can view all requests concerning them:
Menu Applications > Chemical Products > Risk Analysis > Approval Requests
By default, the display filter is set to pending requests.

In the displayed list, use the Magnifying glass to access the details of the request and the request processing buttons.

Updated on 24 October 2023

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