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Request a supply

Expressing a Need

To declare a need:
– Quick access Needs

User Menu > Chemical Products > Needs > Create a Need

In the New Need form in the panel:

– The requester fills in the available fields.

– Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk. (The available fields being configurable by the platform administrator, their presence may vary from one platform to another.)

– The blue background fields indicate assisted entry: Just type a few letters to display the list of available values.

indicates that it is possible to create new values.


The creation rights are available at the discretion of the platform administrator.

The registered form summarizes the information entered and takes the New status.
The user can modify or cancel the request only in this status.

Retrieving the Order

The expressed needs are available in the summary available on the dashboard with the various statuses of the request processing.

When the need is received, the requester acknowledges the order, thus indicating that it has been retrieved by their department.

There are as many acknowledgments proposed as deliveries made for a need.

When the order is fully acknowledged, the need disappears from the dashboard.

Updated on 30 October 2023

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