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Cart definition and principles


A basket stores a search result at a given time and, depending on the type of basket, allows the same function to be used for that result.
For example, print out all the labels for the bottles found with a single click.

Carts are available to all users.

The number of carts is unlimited.

Carts are available at any time on the entire platform via the Carts Menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
The active cart is the last cart used. It is displayed by default.

A daily basket with the current date is displayed, so you can use the basket function at any time.

An unused default basket will not be saved in the basket list if it contains no items when the date changes.


The contents of a basket do not vary, unless the owner intervenes. There are no updates correlated with the updating of database data.

The cart can be used to retrieve information stored at an earlier date.
So renaming a cart makes it easier to find later. Selecting it will automatically display its contents, in the order in which they were added.

You can add items to carts that are independent of each other.

Adding elements to existing elements adds them together, not replaces them.
The cart is the image of a search result at a given moment: so deleting items from the database doesn’t remove them from the cart where they were added.

Cart results can be used as additional filters and proposed as such in modules (see Cross-referencing searches with the cart).

Depending on the modules deployed and the options activated by the administrator, you can add:

And, provided that the Inventory Management module is deployed:

Intrinsic cart functions

All carts offer the following functions for each element:

  • View cart contents (see products, see flasks, see uses…)
  • Remove from cart to empty its contents
Updated on 19 April 2024

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