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Add a mixture

– the Detailed Formulation option must be activated
(see Enable an option)

The management of solution creations, intermediates, formulas… is done via the Formulation menu.
A formula is necessarily associated with a project and can be linked to a group or structure.

Each formulation allows the creation of preparations that
automatically decrement component stock and are managed as stock items with the identification of locations and bottles via labels.

Activating the formulation module does not require authorization.
Thus, the module is displayed on the dashboards of all users.

However, the permissions granted to products apply to formulas: anyone with the right to create a product has the right to create a formula, anyone with the right to delete a product has the right to delete a formula, etc.

Access the Formula List:
Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Formulation > Formulas

Click on the number or name of the formula to open its Form in the panel.

Preparations tab: The producible quantity of preparation is displayed according to available stocks.

Click on to add a preparation.

– Test: verifies that the quantities of the preparation components are available in stock.

– Production: Indicating Yes will create the bottle stock simultaneously with the preparation creation.


In the summary table that appears:

Click on Finalize Preparation to open the product quantity withdrawal module from the identified stock bottles.

By default, the expected quantity in the formulation is proposed.

When the preparation is done in Production, the packaging and location of the created preparations are first proposed.


For each product, click on the bottle number that will be used. The quantity available per bottle is indicated in parentheses.

If the withdrawal empties the bottle, check the Evacuate box to remove the bottle from stock.

Interrupt: Interrupting the input reserves the bottle’s quantity and proposes Resume input in the preparations list.

Next to display the preparation summary


Each preparation offers various actions, including:

Generating the preparation sheet

Screen of a preparation sheet

The stability labels, which can be modified.

Screen of stability labels

Enter the preparation into inventory to obtain a QR Code label.

To know the Flasks taken, click on the hyperlink of the Preparation Sheet.

To access its storage data, click on the flask number.

Updated on 30 October 2023

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