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How to submit a product request?

– the Validation of new product requests option must be enabled.
(see Switch to extended rights | Enable an option)
– the administrator decides on the mandatory information entered through the configuration functions.
– the roles requester and validator are set up only in extended rights.

A request submits the authorization to enter a new product reference into the structure.

Requester Side

Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Create

The New Product form opens in the panel.

1. Product Tab:
Fill in the different fields. Fields marked with an asterisk* are required.
Manufacturer: input is assisted, enter the first letters to display a list of suggestions.

2. Save

3. SDS Tab > SDS Section:
Upload the SDS with Browse.
In the absence of SDS: Edit > SDS Tab > Check No SDS and select the reason from the dropdown list.

4. Save

5. Product Tab > Subsection Use > > Choose the sending reason (if option enabled) > Send the request

The product request is saved.
It appears in the list under the status Awaiting validation.
The validator is informed of a new product request.

Validator Side

Access the Product Request List:

Applications Menu > Chemical Products > Risk Analysis > Approval Requests

1. Click on the Status or the Designation to open the product request form which gives access to validation functions.

2. Accept, Reject, Edit or Delete the request

Updated on 24 October 2023

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